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Do you need help with your self-assessment, Ferndown customers? Then look no further than the industry’s top accountants – McCarthy Browne. We’ll help you with your personal tax returns with our bespoke tax planning services. We keep your accounts in shape, so you never have to worry about a thing. To get started, call 07595 160 911. 

The Best Self-Assessment Tax Service Ferndown

If you’re a sole trader operating a business in Ferndown, you’ll have to contend with preparing accounts for HMRC, which includes completing tax returns. Not everyone is excited by the prospect of completing self-assessments, which is where we come in here at McCarthy Browne. 

We offer a range of personalised services, including bookkeeping services intended to ease the stress and hassle of completing your tax returns. We ensure that your tax return is completed correctly and filed on time. This ensures you pay the correct amount of tax – neither too little, which could land you in trouble nor too much, which could leave you out of pocket. 

You’ll receive expert advice from the outset, and our skilled team will employ their intricate knowledge of taxes to ensure the best possible outcome. You can count on our professionalism and competency as the best self-assessment tax service in Ferndown. 

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Are You Required to Complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need to complete a self-assessment tax return?”. The answer depends on whether your business venture meets the necessary criteria. If it does, you’ll need to complete one to avoid penalties for tax evasion. So, what is the criteria? 

First, company directors and anyone self-employed as a ‘sole trader’ earning more than £1,000 must complete one. Second, if you’re a partner in a business partnership or receiving dividends or other income that is not taxed at source, you again meet the criteria. Other factors include: 

  • Landlords or Other People Receiving Income from Land and Property in the UK 
  • Individuals Earning More Than £100k 
  • Income from Savings or Investments Exceeding £10,000+ Before Tax 
  • You’ve Received a P800 from HMRC Saying You’ve Not Paid Enough Tax 
  • You Receive Income from Abroad on Which Tax is Owed 
  • You Live Abroad but Derive Income from a UK Source 

For the full criteria, make sure to read through our self-assessment tax page, which contains useful information. 

Why Come to McCarthy Browne? 

For the best tax planning services delivered by bookkeeping professionals, look no further than McCarthy Browne. We’ve acquired an excellent reputation for providing bespoke services that help small businesses that would otherwise struggle with managing their finances. We offer competitive bookkeeping fees, with monthly packages starting from just £37 per month. 

Every package is bespoke, so you’ll receive services tailored to your requirements, ranging from business start-up advice and accounts preparation to tax planning. We’re a family-run business trusted by many, from sole traders to partnerships and limited companies. We provide seamless service that integrates with your setup. 

By navigating to our about page, you’ll find out more about the history of McCarthy Browne, including where we want to go and what we can offer you regarding our services. This information should convince you that we’re the company to call for financial and HMRC-related services in Ferndown. 

To begin a conversation and see how we can help, pick up the phone now and call McCarthy Browne using the contact details below. Our helpful advisors will always go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the right level of service at the best price. 

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So, if you’re looking for a reputable team of accountants that offer competitively priced personal tax planning services, give McCarthy Browne a call today on 07595 160 911. Alternatively, write to us with your bookkeeping requests by completing our online contact form or emailing [email protected]. We’ll provide your Ferndown business with tax return services tailored to your needs.